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pyLoad web interface

Hi, Sorry for some basic question. My linux experience is pretty little.
I have just installed pyLoad for my NAS though okpg (i use Popcorn hours A-200).
I have some confuses about
1.the different between web interface option : builtin;threaded;fastcgi;lightweight server ?
2. My web interface option current is " builtin" and and constantly inaccessible. How to check pyLoad webui status or log (not pyLoadCore cause pyLoadCli work like a champ ;) ) .
3. What function of remote interface (default port 7227) and how to access through this port ?
3. How to restart PyLoad (Core, Cli and webUI) without reboot all the sysem by ssh connection ?


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Re: pyLoad web interface

Youre in wrong forum...popcorn hour has its own....look also in topics for a100 there are samples for reboot pyload. You missunderstood the funktion of port 7227 default port for webinterface is 8000
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Re: pyLoad web interface

Hi wta12,

I don´t know what are the differences between all web interface options... but, about your problem with your web interface configuration.. my advice is change it to "threaded". This is something that I was asking when I start to use pyLoad and RaNaN told me to use threaded instead of builtin

This is the link with the info:

About your default port 7227 this is used with a client to manage pyLoad. You can find the pyLoad app in Google Play for your Android device in order to control your pyLoad remotely and the communication port is 7227 by default.

About to restart pyload wihout reboot all the system you can do this:

1.- Find the file (take care because the file must be written in the same way)
2.- Go to the path where is located the file
3.- To shutdown pyLoad you must run this: ./ -q
4.- To run up again pyLoad you must run this: ./ --daemon

Hope this info can be useful for you.



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Re: pyLoad web interface

On popcorn hour forum we have different command lines.... To restart you have normaly to enter:
/share/Apps/local/etc/init.d/ restart start stop
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Re: pyLoad web interface

By default, pyload webinterface runs on port 8000. Make sure you have not configured the remote interface and the webinterface to run on the same port (that won't work), and also that no other service is running on that port.
If that is the case, you can change the port in pyload setup. Also, changing the server type to "threaded" is usually a good idea.
Does "which pyLoadCore" command return something? If so, you can enter setup by running
pyLoadCore -s

If not, check the contents of the shell script you use to start pyload (/share/Apps/local/etc/ to locate your installation.


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Re: pyLoad web interface

Install on PCH C200/A200/A210

  • install "local" in CSI
  • open telnet and write: opkg install busybox
  • opkg install pyload if error occurs type in again
  • opkg --force-overwrite install libldap-2.4
  • opkg --force-overwrite install libshishi0
  • opkg --force-overwrite install libgss3
  • opkg --force-overwrite install libssh2-1

Now pyLoad is accessable via webinterface by default port 8000 you can change port in settings.

restart / start / stop pyload:

  • /share/Apps/local/etc/init.d/ start
  • /share/Apps/local/etc/init.d/ stop
  • /share/Apps/local/etc/init.d/ restart

to change, delete or add user:

stop pyLoad, then: pyLoadCore -u ,start pyLoad again
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